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Laser dentistry can be a comfortable, safe treatment option for a variety of common dental issues. Dentists use this innovative technology to provide patients with a high level of care. Laser dentistry concentrates light energy into a focused beam that can help treat gum disease, tooth decay, discoloration, sensitivity, and more.

Laser dentistry is available at BlueSky Orthodontics in Lubbock and the surrounding area. We use this procedure for a wide range of treatments for problems with teeth, gums, and temporomandibular joint disorder. Laser treatment can benefit many patients and can even work in combination with other procedures.

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    How Laser Dentistry Works

    A laser instrument creates a highly focused beam of light that affects tissue in specific ways to benefit the patient’s oral health. We will use various levels of intensity with the laser to target different types of tissue. For example, the soft tissue of the gums needs a different strength than the hard tissue of a tooth. Lasers can also act as diagnostic tools, with optical coherence tomography offering a non-invasive way to see the interior of teeth and gums.

    The Various Uses of Laser Dentistry

    Laser instruments have a wide range of uses beyond preventing infection, including cosmetic and diagnostic applications. Possible procedures for dental lasers include reshaping gums, removing tooth decay, removing bacteria from gums, lesion removal, and teeth whitening. Dentists may use laser tools in combination with traditional instruments.

    "Laser dentistry can make many procedures more comfortable and less intimidating for many patients."

    Benefits of Laser Dentistry

    Laser dentistry can make many procedures more comfortable and less intimidating for many patients. As an orthodontist, Dr. Derid S. Ure, DDS, MSD is knowledgeable about correct laser use during treatment. There are multiple benefits to laser dentistry with orthodontic treatment, including:

    • Precision: A laser can remove decaying tooth material with minimal impact on the healthy part of the tooth. Lasers are sensitive to differences in tissue composition, leading to greater precision. Preserving as much healthy tooth or gum tissue as possible can make a difference to one’s oral health.
    • Decreased tissue trauma: Lasers can minimize the swelling and bleeding in the gums or other soft tissue. Patients thus feel less discomfort after the procedure. This process can mean a quicker recovery and a decreased risk of post-procedure complications.
    • Less pain during the procedure:Some procedures are less painful if done with a laser. In many cases, we can at least help to reduce the discomfort. Patients who dislike the heavy vibration and sounds of traditional dental instruments may also feel better with laser dentistry.

    Learn More About How Laser Dentistry Can Help You

    Laser dentistry can make many standard procedures more comfortable. Our practitioners are happy to discuss it and other solutions for your concerns. Call BlueSky Orthodontics at 806-318-9012 to schedule an appointment in Lubbock and discuss your options for pursuing optimal oral health with laser dentistry.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is laser dentistry a safe procedure?

    Laser instruments tend to be more precise and cause less tissue trauma than traditional instruments. Of course, just as with traditional dental tools, the practitioner must go through the proper training to learn how to use the dental laser. According to the Academy of Laser Dentistry, patients must wear special safety glasses during laser procedures. We will go over the entire process with the patient before we begin.

    How is a dental laser different from traditional instruments like drills?

    Lasers have a higher capacity for targeting specific areas of the teeth and gums. They are less invasive and tend to cause less bleeding and swelling. They also lack the loud sounds and vibrations, which make many patients uncomfortable.

    Do laser treatments hurt?

    Using laser tools typically causes substantially less pain than using traditional instruments for the same process. While there may be slight pain during the procedure, we will ensure the patient is comfortable and go over options to help ease discomfort.

    How long does a laser treatment take?

    The amount of time a procedure with dental lasers will take can vary per patient and the procedure. The number of appointments and their length also depend on factors such as one’s oral health. Ask us about the possibility of using laser dentistry for your treatment.

    Is laser dentistry more expensive than regular treatment?

    Many insurance companies reimburse for individual dental procedures, not based on the instruments used to perform them. However, it is essential to review this with your insurance company first.

    Can everyone get dental laser treatment?

    Generally, there are no restrictions on who can get laser treatment. However, it may not always be the ideal option for everyone. During an appointment, we can make recommendations based on your situation.

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